We offer quality tools for transformation and transmutation, in the form of authentic and brilliant Vogel  quartz crystals unique and evolutionary jewelry. IBM scientist, inventor and visionary Marcel Vogel has created these cuts to emphasize our ability to connect with nature, and work with mindful and skilled manifestation. All pieces are made from high quality quartz crystals to beautify with purpose.💝 As we program these crystals for different functions and purposes to then co-create a different reality for ourselves. The Vogel jewelry from our Bee Sassy Store has been infused in ceremony and blessings with every New and Full Moon, and have been part of powerful countless trainings with Jaque Hanson.🌀 From esoteric energies to Shamanic experiences through out the U.S. and beyond. We are honored, excited and grateful to empower you in your authentic journey. Check out the videos in our Bee Present Wellness YouTube channel for more information. Check out the Bee Sassy Store for the Vogel Guided Meditations and Visualizations to better find and weave your intentions with your prized Vogel Tools for Transformation.