Dream interpretation Session: 60 min. - Online

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Dream work is one of the most insightful and spiritually intelligent ways to receive personal, business and general guidance, from our ancestors, guides, totem and beyond. Jaque has been working with dream interpretations since 2006. Dreams may appear weird or scary at times. With understanding and the right guidance you may resolve, uncover, ignite, let go of so many positive or challenging energies. Jaque will offer not only guidance about your dream, she will also invite you to create new rituals and open you up to see your circumstances in a proactive and Self-empowered way. Each session is intuitively tailored to fit your needs.

As you learn and shift you may heal and grow exponentially! Check Jaque's bio: https://www.beepresentwellness.com/jaque-hanson/

Text or call Jaque to schedule at (717) 448-1281. 

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