Reiki/Advanced Energy Work Memorial Day Sale

Reiki/Advanced Energy Work Memorial Day Sale

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Advanced Energy Work is a gentle, holistic healing modality that is perfect for everyone! The human body has the ability to heal itself on all levels. Energy Work provides the chance to restore balance and harmony in body, mind, and soul. It does not involve tissue manipulation and is deeply healing and great for populations that massage may not be appropriate for, including frail and/or seriously ill. Energy Work heals from the inside out and heals the source of pain and illness.

It is great for aiding in the relief of physical pain as well as the pain that can't be touched which manifests as imbalances such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, IBS, Chronic Pain, and Migraines. Energy Work is performed fully clothed and is a gentle, sensitive touch which is soothing for all! 

As a Reiki and New Paradigm practitioner and teacher Jaque has been in numerous energy trainings exploring, learning and sharing them since 2002 in the US and abroad. She keeps expanding her energy practices in formal settings and on her own, with self esoteric exploratory techniques. Since 2005 Jaque has been studying deeply, extensively and intensely with three Barbara Brannon graduates that currently reside in Colorado, which have expanded Jaque's ability to hold an energetic field where her clients may shift their own reality and co-create with the divine. She continuously opens up to the "New." As she is ever-evolving personally, and in her practice. 

30 minutes: $33 (regular $42.50) 

Cash or check. Payment arrangements can be made via PayPal.

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Meet Jaque
Jaque Hanson is the founder and spiritual director of Bee Present Wellness in New Cumberland PA, Beehive Mystery School, Beehive Apprenticeship, Shamanic, Reiki and New Paradigm practitioner & teacher. Jaque is also an E-RYT Kundalini Yoga teacher and Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy® practitioner. More about Jaque: