Tanzine Aura Earth Heart™

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Earth Heart™ Crystal Cut
The Earth Heart Crystal's sacred geometry enhances the stone's innate ability to create a "peaceful refuge in alignment with the deep and pure Heart of the Earth, revealing lessons in Oneness and facilitating humanity in achieving Global Consciousness." This quartz has been cut according to principles of sacred geometry to maximize its metaphysical and healing properties. The Earth Heart Crystal with its transparent four planes of facets converge to a central point emanating a coherent ray of energy. Teacher of harmony and our sacred union with the Heart of the Earth. Offers peace and stability, stillness and insight, respect and diversity, inspires creativity that nurtures our wholeness and facilitates expansion into Oneness. A powerful tool for those who are seeking to release limitation and awaken union.  Sterling Silver chain included with pendants.

Tanzine Aura relaxes stress. Increases communication. joins love and wisdom to create wisdom. Similar to Aqua Aura but carries more violet ray. Tanzine Aura is related primarily to the third eye and crown chakras where it is a unifying force.

Sterling Silver chain included with pendants.
Pendent size: approx. 13/16 inch long, 5/8 inch wide
Silver box Chain Necklace: approx. 16 inches