Tibetan Blue Obsidian Star of David™

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Star of David™ Crystal Cut

This Star of David™ configuration symbolizes the higher and lower trinities, as above, so below or the coming together of Spirit and Earth, offering the wearer protection, wholeness, and access to the Higher Self. There are two triangular cuts, one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down. This is the equilibrium between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine, the Yin and Yang personifying Oneness. The Star of David is a symbol dating back millennia. It is composed of two triangles, on point up, the other, inverted. It is a symbol of the higher Trinity and the lower Trinity coming together to create wholeness, balance, and protection. This particular cut was developed by Marcel Vogel, one of IBM’s leading research scientists and the founder of Psychic Research, Inc. Information on clearing and programming the Star of David is included with each piece. 

Tibetan Blue Obsidian is found along the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet. Useful in cultivating Serenity and Patience. It is helpful in the pursuits of divination, insight and the correction of misinterpretation. It is also a great tool for cleansing of negative mental influence. 

Sterling Silver chain included with the pendants.
Pendant size: approx. 1 1/8 inch long, 1 inch wide
Silver box Chain Necklace: approx. 16 inches